Carbon Collective Lusso Gold Limited edt. shampoo, 500ml


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Carbon Collective Lusso is the safest and cleanest pH neutral car shampoo!

The new limited edition Gold version is inspired by the original version from years ago.

Goal – safely washed clean car.

Super concentrated and well foaming formula offers you a sealant safe washing ecperience.


Lusso Shampoo is a pure detailing shampoo containing no oils or gloss enhancers. It’s super slick formula removes dirt & traffic film safely, without inhibiting hydrophobic properties (sealant-safe).

The pH neutral formula provides superior cleaning power, without removing any sealants, waxes or coatings. Clean and slick shampoo makes the carwash safe and effortless. It’s ultra slick high foam formula is designed to give the highest levels of lubricity, braking the surface tension gently and lifting dirt particles away from the surface.

For the safest carwash we reccommend to use the Supreme plush washpad.

The highly concentrated formula only requires 20ml of shampoo per bucket.


    • Super Slick formula
    • Highly concentrated
    • pH neutral
    • Wax safe
    • Sealant safe
    • Coating safe
    • Will not damage your protection
    • Pure shampoo (no oils or gloss enhancers)
    • Carbon Collective Signature Blend Scent

How to use:

  • Add 20 ml or 1-3 squeezes of shampoo to your washbucket.
  • Add water to the bucket
  • While filling the bucket, mix up she shampoo with your hand
  • Take a Carbon Collective Supreme Washpad and wash the car from top to bottom using a 2 bucket method.
  • Rinse the car after washing
  • Can be used in direct sunlight but for best result it is reccommended to do it only one panel at a time.
  • After washing you can add your desired protection and dry the car.

You can measure the shampoo using our 50ml measuring cup.