Carbon Collective Onyx Twisted Mini drying towel


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Carbon CollectiveOnyx Twisted Mini is the smallest drying towel of the selevtion. Onyx Mini is the perfect towel for a quick wipre, finishing touches or use for potentially dirty spots like door gaps, wheels, side skirts etc.

Due to a different color you are able to easily spot the rihgt towel for your task instead of mixing up with the larger drying towel.


Carbon CollectiveOnyx Twisted Mini drying towel is created from super absorbent twisted 1100GSM microfiber.

This drying towel is perfect for the commonly dirtyer parts of the car like lower sections, door gaps, door sills and wheels. Helping to limit the transfer of dirt and lower the chances of scratches and swirls.

Our Onyx uses the latest twisted microfibre technology, the twisted strands increase the surface area of the cloth, increasing the amount of water it holds.

The dual-layer edgeless construction doubles the amount of absorption whilst preventing marring during use.


  • 1100GSM
  • 80/20
  • Edgeless
  • 35x35cm
  • Made in Korea

Machine washable at 40c

Do not use fabric softeners.

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