Carbon Collective Clarity dual sided microfiber glass towel


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Carbon Collective Clarity microfiber towel is an unusual dual sided glass towel.

Super soft tight pile on one side and smooth low fiber side combined in a single towel for a smear free cleaning experience.

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Bringing the Clarity Microfibre Cloth to the next level, using the latest microfibre technology.

Designed for use on Interior Trim & Glass, the dual sided cloth offers a shorter pipe cloth with a higher bite, which is ideal for removing smears from touch screens, gloss black plastics & glass, whilst the longer side pile ensures dirt & dust removal from textured plastics & trim.

The twisted strands increase the surface area of the cloth, whilst the rear side has a shorter pile with a higher bite, for removing bonded dirt & stubborn stains.


  • Ideal for Glass & Interior Trim
  • 450GSM
  • 35cm x 45cm
  • 80:20
  • Tagless
  • Machine Washable
  • Made in Korea

Machine wash at 40°c using non-biological detergent, do not use fabric softeners.

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