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Carbon Collective Hybrid Coating, concentrate 500ml


“Wax is dead!”, here is Carbon Collective Hybrid coating sealant!

The easiest way to add months of ceramic based protection to your vehicle.

500ml concentrate = 5 liters of protection. Choose an optional 50ml measuring cup and 500ml Carbon Collective spray bottle.

You will spend an average of 3,7€ worth of product per protecting a car (500ml ready solution)

Choose the optional 500ml Carbon Collective spray bottle to easily mix and apply Hybrid Coating.

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Carbon Collective Hybrid Coating is the higher level of vehicle protection! It’s time to forget the good old method of “wax on, wax off” that you learned from your grandpa, “wax is dead!”. Simply wash your car and spray the coating on a wet car, you can rinse and activate it immediately. An unprotected vehicle will turn hydrophobic instantly, like it would have been ceramic coated. You will save hours of your valuable time to protect your car.

A 500ml bottle of Hybrid coating will make 5 liters of protection. This is enough to protect at least 10 cars!

Hybrid Coating can be applied on all exterior surfaces of a vehicle, paint, glass, wheels and even plastics. Wetcoat type ceramic based protection will provide a protective layer for at least 3 months or more, this is as good or better than a hand applied wax!

Suitable for maintenance and boosting of all exterior protections!


    • Apply by hand/or by a soam lance
    • 50ml Hybrid / 450ml water = 500ml of protectant
    • New Signature Scent
    • Spry on a clean wet car, rinse off
    • For adding protection of boosting
    • For maintenance wash you can also add 50ml to a wash bucket
    • Apply above freezing temperature
    • Easy product for bike and motorcycle protection!

How to use:

  • Perform a handwash
  • Leave the car wet after shampoo rinse off
  • Make sure the surfaces are not in direct sunlight or hot!
  • Spray Hybrid coating evenly or one panel at a time when surface is warm.
  • You can spray all the exterior surfaces that you want to have hydrophobic properties (eg. textile and vinyl).
  • Hybrid does not require a long waiting time, you can rinse it off immediately.
  • Rinse to activate using a pressure washer and see the beading appeare.
  • When you desire more beading and longetivity you can add a second layer.
  • Dry the car with Fusion towel or Air Force 1 contactless dryer, give a final streak free finish with Rapide detailer.

*For Hybrid maintenance wash I reccommend Lusso or Hybrid Shampoo

PS! For precise measuring of Hybrid choose the optional discounted Naisss measuring cup.

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Hybrid Coating 0,5L, Hybrid Coating 0,5L + 50ml measuring cup, Hybrid Coating 0,5L + 500ml spray bottle, Hybrid Coating 0,5L + spray bottle + measuring cup

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