Naisss x Carbon Collective sample kit, 6x50ml


If you haven’t decided yet what Carbon Collective product to choose you can find 6 sample size options right here.

Due to demand Shift has been replaced by Reset antibacterial cleaner.

Warning: Only buy the sample kit when you are ready to be amazed and find your new favourite detailing products.

Order the kit and recieve a gift, Naisss HexagoN keychain!


Sample Kit:

  • Hybrid Coating shot, spray on contactless SiO2 protective sealant, lasts around 3 months (50ml+450ml water=500ml wet coat protection)
  • Hybrid shampoo, super slick maintenance shampoo for coatings, can add SiO2 layer to unprotected cars.
  • (NEW!) Lusso Gold shampoo, pH-neutraln, super concentrated daily car shampoo
  • Rapide detailer, finishing, dust removal, drying aid, protection booster, deeper shine
  • React, pH-nautral iron/fallout remover for wheels, paint and other details
  • (NEW!) Reset antibakterial cleaner, t for textile cleaning & stain removal, leather deep vlen, plastic, removing mold and fungus, alcantara cleaning. Replacement of Shift.
  • Gift: Naisss HexagoN keychain

All samples are 50ml.

PS! The picture is illustrative, kit components may change based on demand.