Carbon Collective Plush Microfibre Wheel Brush


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Carbon Collective Plush mikrofiber wheel brush is an important tool for properly washing your wheels in and out.

Safe and absorbent microfiber brush is long enough to reach the end of your wheel barrels.

PS! If your brakes are as large as the insides of your wheels the brush might not go throug.

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New product, Carbon Collective Plush Microfibre Wheel Brush.

Unlike traditional bristle wheel brushes, which are made from plastic, our brush head is created from absorbent foam-filled plush microfibre, lifting dirt & grime safely.

Constructed from super soft microfibre with a soft foam head, deep cleaning even the most delicate of finishes without scratching has never been easier.

The 18″ handle allows you access to deep within the wheel barrel, ideal for use on cars with multi-spoke wheels & larger calipers.


  • 18″ Non-Scratch Handle
  • Super Soft Microfibre Heads
  • Foam Handle
  • Built In Hand Protection
  • Built In Hand Protection
  • Made in Korea

PS! Always use dedicated wheel wash tools. Do not wash your car with the same brush!