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Carbon Collective original detailing bucket


Carbon Collective original 20 liter detailing bucket!

Build a bucket that is perfect for you! You can choose to add the Vortex gitguard and Gamma seal lid to get the most versatile bucket ever. Wash cars, store your gear, transport water to a carwash or use it as a chair!


Carbon Collective original detailing bucket!

When it comes to buckets, bigger is better! Our buckets hold a whopping 20L of wash solution, reducing the chance of dirt and grit particles being circulated back onto the paint. Why is a bigger bucket better? The more water you have in your bucket the less chance it is to cause damage to your paint while removing contamination.

A must have extra is the Vortex gritguard that locks all collected abrasive materials to the bottom of your bucket. For all the “Coin wash” users the perfect extra is a Gamma seal water tight lid so you can bring your own wash water from home. This way the water stays in your bucket while you drive and when you need a quick seat the Gamma bucket can turn into a chair.


  • Holds over 20L of wash solution.
  • Reinforced construction.
  • Designed to accept gamma seal lid.
  • Metal handle with plastic grip.
  • Tapered to Receive our Vortex Grit Guard
  • Injection moulded 90 mil thick plastic.
  • High gloss durable finish.
  • Screen printed logo.

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Original detailing bucket, Original detailing bucket + Gamma seal, Original detailing bucket + Vortex Grit guard, Original detailing bucket + Gamma seal + Vortex