Fiskars SnowXpert snow brush + ice scraper


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Here I have selected for you the safest snow brush on the market!

This is Fiskars SnowXpert, a paint friendly dual silicone snow brush with a removable ice scraper.

Fiskars is the choice of professional detailers for long years!

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Why choose the right snow brush? Here is the most detailed snow brush description ever!

A lot of you do not know yet, but snow removal with a wrong type of brush is one of the main reasons why your paint might be scratched and dull after winter. Traditional snow brushes have sharp and scraping tips that makes snow removal similar to just using your old floor brush!

Be smrter than most other car owners and choose a Fiskars SnowXpert car snow brush. This is a truly innovative silicone design snow brush that combines of a dual row of flexible silicone brushes and a strong silicone top “blade” for effortless cutting and removal of even the thickest snow.

In addition, integrated to the bottom end of Fiskars SnowXpert you will find a dual blade removable ice scraper. Perfect for situations where you need to remove a stubborn layer of ice from youd windshield and glass.


  • Safe silicone brush section
  • Silicone “blade” for thick and heavy snow removal
  • Removable dual blade ice scraper
  • Light and ergonomic design
  • Lenght: 67 cm
  • Weight: 221g

Use your snow brush the smart way:

  • To remove a light layer of snow use the brush side
  • In order to safely remove thick, heavy or melting snow sludge turn to the blade.
  • You can also use the blade to wipe off water from your glass, works like a squeege
  • Use the scraper to remove stubborn ice from your glass, the scraper is removable
  • For the correct safe snow removal, never brush directly against your paint..
  • Always leave a light layer of snow on your car (up to 1cm), it will easily fly off during your drive, can be melted eff in a warm garage or rinsed off with water if needed.
  • Be careful cleaning your plastic headlights, taillights and piano black finishes. They are not very scratch resistant and might need polishing when cleaned incorrectly.

Naisss professional tip! There is almost always some abrasive winter contamination like sand particles, dirt, tar etc. between your cars paint and the layer of snow. When brushing off snow too eagerly, trying to get the car spotless you risk draging the contamination against your paint while moving snow and this causes ugly scratches! In conclusion, avoid making contct with your paint and removing 100% of snow. Always leave a light layer to ensure the safety of your paint.

For fastest ice removal choose Carbon Collective Magma de-icer with a sweet scent!