Carbon Collective coatings application kit


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Carbon Collective coating application kit is designed for installing all Carbon Collective coatings.


Carbon Collective coatings application kit is the fastest and most efficient way to evenly apply our exterior coatings, it ensures faster and more even application on large panels.

The Block and Cloth system has now been improved, with a pre-cut slot in the block to hold the suede applicator for ease of use.

The Suede Application Cloths are now even softer, created from a super soft microfibre material.

I recommend using this kit for application of our Platinum Glass, Paint and Oracle coatings.

How to:

  • Wrap the applicator block in one of our Suede microfibre cloths.
  • Tuck the cloth into the pre-cut slots on the side of the block.
  • Apply the coating of your choice to the Suede microfibre.
  • Apply the coating to the surface in straight overlapping lines.
  • Dispose of used microfibre once the application process is finished.


  • 1x Carbon Collective Dual Foam Applicator Block
  • 5x Black Suede Application Cloths (10cm x 10cm)