Carbon Collective Molecule 9H coating 30ml + applicator kit


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Carbon Collective Molecule is a true 9h pro level ceramic coating!

Yearly waxing is a thing of the past! A coating is your cars new top layer of protection for years.

A perfect protection for brand new cars and as an after polish product for used and older cars.

Molecule coating gives your car a protection, water and dirt repellancy and ease of carwash, bug removal etc for years if you maintain it correctly.

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Molecule Ceramic Coatingis a true9H ultra-hydrophobic coating. Once applied, the coating becomes the active layer on top of the surface, protecting against scratches, swirls, chemicals, bird droppings UV rays for up to 5 years.

*This is a professional level ceramic coating where previous coating installation experience is recommended! Enthusiast users can contact Naisss for a brief installation consultation.

Safe to be used on the following finishes:

  • Matt finishes
  • Satin finishes
  • Gloss finishes
  • Painted
  • Powdercoated


  • Maximum scratch protection
  • Super-hydrophobic
  • Makes surface easier to maintain
  • Super Slick application, wipe on wipe off
  • Enhances gloss, matt & satin finishes
  • Initial drying time12-24 hours

Durability & Scratch Resistance:

  • True 9H hardness
  • Durable for a minimum of 5 years
  • More durable & longer lasting than dealer supplied protection
  • High chemical resistance

Kit includes:

  • Brand New Packaging With 2.0 Dropper
  • 30ml Bottle of Molecule Ceramic Coating
  • Application Kit (Block & 5 Cloths)
  • Foil Packaging with Instructions

A monthly hand wash is recommended to keep your coating working at it’s best and protecting your car for years. In between hand washes you should do some contactless rinse cleanings. Remove bird droppings, bugs and tree sap ASAP. You will find all the maintenance products in this store.