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Carbon Collective “clear” car wash bucket


The Naisssest see through wash bucket on the market!

Build a bucket that is perfect for you! You can add a Vortex grit guard safety feature and a Gamma seal lid to add functionality to your bucket.


Carbon Collective new clear car wash bucket!l

When it comes to buckets, bigger is better! When an old school bucket fills about 10 liters at best, the Carbon Collective clear bucket easily fits 20 liters! Why would you need that? The more water you have in your bucket the less chance it is to cause damage to your paint while removing contamination.

How does a clear bucket help you? It allows you to monitor the contamination level of your bucket and exactly measure the amount of water that you want to use with the help of a printed scale.

I personally suggest that you also choose the Vortex gritguard for at least one of your beckets to filter out harmful debris and lock it to the bottom. For all the “Coin wash” users the perfect extra is a Gamma seal water tight lid so you can bring your own wash water from home. Gamma keeps the water sealed in your bucket and also acts as a chair when you need to sit down for a moment.


  • Holds over 20L of wash solution.
  • Reinforced construction.
  • Designed to accept gamma seal lid.
  • Metal handle with plastic grip.
  • Tapered to Receive our Vortex Grit Guard
  • Clear injection moulded 90 mil thick plastic.
  • High gloss durable finish.
  • Screen printed logo.
  • Screen printed liquid scale for accurate dilutions.

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