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Carbon Collective Car Cologne, hanging air freshner


Car perfume has found its new shape! Here are the Carbon Collective fresh new perfume series hanging air freshners.

Try them all and find your new favourite!

All scents available now!


Our unique range of Car Cologne Hanging Air Fresheners re-define the way you think of the car air freshener. Compared to the traditional sweet scents, our new series is something fresh and exciting for you senses.

We have taken our time and created a diverse range of subtle cologne-based scents using concentrated essential oils. Every air frashnes is made of premium material, has a matching hanging string, all packaged in a nead chameleon foil bag.

Each scent has a tailored cologne base with varying accompanying notes.


  • Oud Wood: Wood – Spicy – Amber (green)
  • Laundry Day: White Flowers – Cotton – Soap (teal)
  • Jazz Club: Tobacco – Vanilla – Woody (orange)
  • In Bloom: Wild Strawberry – Sweet Flowers – Makeup (pink)
  • Road Trip : Citrus – Pepper – Amber (Black)

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5 scent kit (-20%), Oud Wood (green), Laundry Day (teal), Jazz Club (orange), In Bloom (pink), Road Trip (black)