Carbon Collective Satsuma strong snowfoam, 2L


Carbon Collective Satsuma concentrated snowfoam, strong orange scented pre wash.

Satsuma is a safe concentrated foam to give you a maximum pre wash action using a snow foam lance or a foaming sprayer.

50-100ml per 1 liter of water!

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Satsuma Snow Foamis a highly concentrated active snow foam, formulated to penetrate stubborn dirt and grime for easy non-contact removal.

The rich clinging foam effectively lifts dirt and grime away from the surface of the paint, leaving a cleaner surface in preparation for a swirl-free contact wash. The foam produced is LSP (last step product) safe and does not interfere with Ceramic Coatings that have been previously applied.

Although thinner than our Ultimus Snow Foam, Satsuma is formulated to offer maximum wetting, the bubbles burst during the dwell period, agitating the surface, encouraging the surfactants to penetrate bonded road film, dirt & grime.

When used through our Ultimate HD lance, the foam produced will linger for up to 10 minutes, removing a large amount of surface dirt and grime.


  • Lower pH levels
  • higher concentration and cleaning power than industry leaders
  • Non-caustic
  • Powerful & effective cleaning action
  • Dwells for 10 minutes or more
  • Ceramic Coating safe
  • Intoxicating orange scent

*500ML Satsuma option with a label free bottle.

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