Carbon Collective Magma de-icer


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Now available in a 0,5L Carbon Collective trigger spray!

Enough of sratching and scraping ice off you car!

Magma De-icer Spray melts the ice in seconds without damaging any coated or treated surfaces.

In addition to glass it also works on frozen locks, door links, fuel flaps etc. detailidel. Also works as a pre-icer.

Best smelling de-icer! ( customers feedback)


Carbon Collective Magma De-icer Spray melts ice within seconds without damaging coated surfaces. Safe to use on windows, glass, locks and handles.

The Magma de-icer can be used on Carbon Collective Platinum Glass coatings without causing damage, the de-icer can also be used as a pre-icer, sprayed on the night before to help prevent heavy ice build-up.

Product is available in a 500ml trigger spray bottleprits or 2 liter jerry can. Additionally available 500ml või 1000ml empty spray bottle. It’s more eco-friendly than your standard aerosol de-icer sprays.

How to use:

  1. Pour Magma in a spray bottle (when you have chosen the 2 liter jerry can)
  2. Spray De-Icer liberally to the surface and wait for the ice to melt.
  3. Thicker ice may take longer to melt, wait 1 minute then re-apply if needed.

Magma De-icer can also be used on locks and handles, direct the spray into the recesses to penetrate the working mechanisms to free of ice.

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