Carbon Collective Reset, antibacterial cleaner – leather, fabric, plastic, 500ml


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Carbon Collective Reset is one product for all your interior cleaning tasks. It will handle removing stains, dust, dirt, mold and bacteria from all fabrics, carpets, leather, alcantara and plastics.

It also has the foaming effect for more cleaning power.

Best to use for proper interior cleaning or treating a convertible roof, but it event works at home fabrics and hard surfaces! Works well with a brush, scrubpad, microfiber towel, wet-vac or pressure washer.


Formulated as an anti-bacterial Fabric Cleaner that works in harmony with our Repel Fabric Protectant, Reset is safe to use on Alcantara, Fabric, Leather, Convertible Roofs, Plastic & Hard Surfaces.

Reset is a perfect all interior cleaner. It’s also highly recommended to use Reset before leather maintenance or application of a fabric protectant. Reset is designed to give Repel the full hydrophobic effect.

Reset kills 99.9% of microbes, mould and fungus on contact, whilst inhibiting re-growth and providing a stronger bond for our Repel Fabric Coating.

Application on fabrics/convertible roofs:

  1. Spray generously onto the surface from 20-30cm away.
  2. Agitate the surface with our interior cleaning brush.
  3. Repeat the process on more heavily soiled areas and stubborn stains.
  4. Wipe off excess with one of our white interior microfibres until the surface is dry to the touch. Alternatively, extraction via wet-vac would yield the best results.
  5. Final step for exterior fabrics: Rinse off excess with a pressure washer or strong stream of water until water runs clear.

Application on hard surfaces:

  1. Spray reset into a microfibre cloth until cloth becomes damp.
  2. Wipe across the surface.
  3. Flip over cloth onto the dry side and lightly wipe to remove any excess.

The product comes with an ergonomic sprayer.

It’s recommended to wear nitrite glover.