Naisss “HexagoN” keyring


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It’s very likely that your keyring is already pretty worn out or many others have an exact same one.

Here is the custom 3D printed Naisss “HexagoN”, that only a selected elite of car enthusiasts currently have!



Naisss “HexagoN” keyring is a 3D printed special design accessory. Instead of a regular silver metal ring the “HexagoN” has a stylish gunmetal chain and a ring. The 30mm ring allows you to easily add multiple keys.

Since the “HexagoN” is 3D printed it has a very stirdy and strong construction. But it only weighs 15 gramms!


  • Naisss special design
  • 3D printed
  • Lightweight
  • Strong construction
  • Outstanding
  • Comfortable
  • Modern keyring
  • 3D printed surface structure
  • Made in Estonia!